Top 10 Gifts to Give Your Cat This Christmas

The holiday season is fast approaching – and some might even argue it’s already here. And with the holiday season comes the gift-giving season and the stress of trying to find the perfect present for our friends, family, and feline friends.

While we can’t help you figure out what to get for your favorite person, we can help you find the purr-fect gift for your cat. We’ve sorted through the overwhelming amount of feline gift options and compiled a list of the 10 best gifts you can give your cat this Cat-mas.

Wand Toys

Wand toys are a cat classic for a reason – they’re fun! Playing with a cat wand encourages exercise and healthy movements. Letting your cat chase the wand around also helps them fulfill their hunting instinct. Another great thing about this classic gift is that it’s easy to find. Any pet store is sure to have a nice collection for you to choose from!

Window Hammocks 

Does your cat enjoy staring out the window, stalking and chittering at prey they can’t reach? Or do they like to stretch out and take in the sun’s rays for a warm nap? For either cat, a window hammock is a great gift to make their favorite window spot a little more special and a little more comfortable.

Decorative Scratcher Houses

Cats love keeping their claws sharp, using anything they can get their claws into – be it toilet paper, your furniture, or a rug. This Christmas, you can give your feline friend the gift of a whole house just for them and their claws.

These houses have varying designs and styles, with scratch pads for floors or on the outer walls, making them the perfect place for your cat to lounge and sharpen her claws. Websites like Amazon have a wide selection of houses designed to look like a cactus, old television, or even a castle. The variety in sizes and designs makes this a great gift to personalize your space and cat’s needs!

Cat Teepee

A teepee is perfect for the kitty that likes to snuggle under the covers with you or likes to watch others without being noticed themselves. The teepee provides your cat with the perfect space to relax and get cozy. Likewise, it can give your cat the same warm and protected feeling they get from being covered on all sides by a blanket while still allowing them to watch the world around them.

Cat Wall Shelves

Cats love to get on the highest possible surfaces. From their perch, they can get a better view of everything happening and feel safe from any loud noises (like that scary vacuum cleaner). Wall shelves can introduce your cat to new heights without buying the tallest cat tree you can find.

You can either buy a single shelf or a set of shelves and arrange them in different ways to make an engaging play area for your cat.

When mounting your shelves, be careful not to place them too high – you don’t want your cat to accidentally fall off and hurt themselves.

Laser Toys

Laser toys are another classic cat toy. Like the cat wand, laser toys are a great way to fulfill your cat’s hunting instinct and promote exercise. The great thing about this gift is you can easily find one within your budget, and you can even choose between manual or automatic laser toys! Automatic lasers are a good choice for cats that might not get enough playtime throughout the day.


While our favorite holiday treats might not be safe for our cats, you can never go wrong with gifting your cat with their favorite treats. To make it a little more special, you can get a dispenser toy that lets your cat hunt and play, and get their treats as a reward. You can also get a treat puzzle to stimulate your cat both mentally and physically.


Who can say no to a nice bed? Certainly not the animals that have a nap named after them – and rightfully so! Cats spend most of their day asleep (most sleeping anywhere from 12-18 hours in a day), which means Christmas is a great time to upgrade your feline companion to a new bed. From small and round to large and fluffy, there is no shortage of cat beds for you to choose from.

Catnip Toys and Treats

Cat owners know all about catnip and its attractive qualities and relaxing effects. When smelled, like through a toy, catnip can help increase your cat’s activity and promote play. When ingested as a treat, catnip works as a sedative to relax your cat – which can be helpful if you have a nervous or anxious cat.

Automatic Litterbox 

An automatic litterbox can double as a gift for both you and your cat! Treat your feline to an always clean litterbox, and treat yourself to never having to scoop cat poop again! Okay…maybe not never again, but a lot less frequently. Rather than the typical everyday cleaning, you can clean it just once a week.

If you’ve looked into automatic litterboxes before, you’ve probably heard of Litter Robot. While this litterbox is commonly considered the best automatic litterbox, it is a little pricey, and there are plenty more to choose from that are more budget-friendly.

We hope this list helps you make this Christmas special for you and your cat. If you’re going out of town for the holidays and are unable to add your feline friend to the festivities – we can cat sit for you and make sure your cat has someone to help them open or play with their new toys!

Meow-ry Christmas!



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