Top 10 Puzzles and Games for Cats

Cats are quick, intelligent, and independent. They require physical and mental exercise daily, especially indoor cats. Games and puzzles can be great tools to keep your cat stimulated and entertained throughout the day. Finding the best puzzle or game for your cat depends on them. Don’t fret; we’ve compiled a list of the top cat games and puzzles for you.

Why Cats Benefit From Puzzles and Games

Cats are hunters by nature. Domesticated cats often lose opportunities to nurture this instinct as their food is provided. Feeding puzzles can help stimulate foraging behavior and give much-needed mental stimulation. Lack of mental stimulation can result in loss of brain function over time.

Puzzles and games naturally provide physical exercise for your cat. Adult indoor cats need, on average, 30 minutes of moderate daily exercise. Toys and games can be great for one-on-one playtime with your cat. These can be used while you are doing chores or away working.

Providing your cat with puzzles and games helps their overall well-being. It can reduce separation anxiety and other behavioral issues. Not all cats will be drawn to the same games and toys. Getting a variety of toys and rotating them weekly can help keep things interesting for your cat.

This Cat Feeder Ball ($7.95) is a simple toy that can serve multiple purposes. It is dishwasher safe and can be filled with treats or food. As the cat plays with the ball, the food bits fall out and reward your cat. This type of toy can help prolong mealtime for fast eaters. It also provides your cat with mental and physical stimulation as they work to get all the treats out of the ball.

A colorful Cat Treat Puzzle ($14.99) has eight compartments for your cat to discover. This puzzle is made with food-safe materials. It has rotating parts but no loose parts to keep your cat safe. There are multiple difficulty settings to encourage extended playtime and promote natural foraging instincts.

Bright and clear Cat Treat Maze ($28.99) is kept in place with non-slip feet while your cat works to reap their rewards. This toy can be used with food and/or treats to stimulate and engage your cat. This maze has three difficulty levels to entertain even the smartest of kitties.

The Wooden Whack-A-Mole Game ($49.99) is made of natural wood and designed to keep cats active. This box features levers and strategic holes filled with plush mice sure to inspire natural curiosity instincts. This game is small, lightweight, and easy to transport.

4-in-1 Cat Treasure Dome Toy ($32.99) is a multi-functional toy created to keep a cat’s attention. It comes with various accessories, catnip, feather, and balls. This dome is made with food-safe materials and can be used with or without treats.

This Tower of Tracks Toy ($9.99) offers three levels of fun for your cat. It has a track system with balls that spin around a non-slip base. This type of toy is suitable for single or multiple-cat households.

A unique Cat Digger Feeder ($14.99) with food and treats. This slow-feeding tool keeps your cat entertained while encouraging its natural foraging instincts. It also works as a slow feeder tool if your kitty likes to eat fast. Be aware this feeder is easy to disassemble and clean in between uses.

This Laser Toy ($19.99) is a step up from a traditional handheld laser pointer. With a rechargeable battery and silent motor, this toy moves in circles to simulate classic hunting behavior in your cat. It operates in slow or fast modes for cats of all ages.

An Interactive Feather Treat Dispenser ($8.99) is a lightweight plaything for your cat. It offers fun bird sounds with an on/off switch. The rounded base of this dispenser can be filled with treats, and they will topple out as your cat plays with the feathers on top. It’s easy to take apart for cleaning.

A robot Interactive Feather Toy ($23.96) is excellent for entertaining your cat while working from home. This fun little toy rotates 360° to keep cats constantly moving. It has a long battery life (8 hours!) and an automatic shut-off to prevent your cat from chasing the feathers around. There are also multiple speed settings to accommodate cats of all ages

Remember, toys are a great addition to one-on-one time with your pet, but not a replacement. These games and puzzles are great options to keep your cats entertained and engaged throughout the day.

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