Cat and House Sitting in St. Petersburg

Drop-In Pet Sitting Visit

Drop-In Pet Sitting Visit

30 Minute Visit: $28 per visit
45 Minute Visit: $38 per visit
60 Minute Visit: $48 pet visit

Pets receive individualized attention and care in the comfort of their own home.

Our drop-in pet sitting visits include litter box scooping, fresh water, feeding, treats, mental enrichment, cleanup of pet accidents, bringing in mail and packages, watering plants, checking and adjusting thermostats as directed, putting garbage cans out by the curb for pickup, bringing garbage cans back to the house after pickup, alternating lights, opening and closing blinds.


Cat Nail Trims

$28 per Cat

Keeping your cat’s nails trimmed is important for several reasons: most importantly, overgrown nails can grow into your cat’s paw pad, causing pain (including difficulty walking on the affected limb) and infections.

Keeping nails trimmed also helps protect yourself and your furniture from unnecessary scratches!

Delightful Pet Sitting is happy to come out to client homes and perform this service! It is recommended to trim the nails every 4-6 weeks.


Subcutaneous Fluid Administration

$28 per Cat

What are the benefits of subcutaneous fluid administration for cats?

What do SQ fluids do? Administration of SQ fluids in cats with chronic kidney disease corrects the dehydration associated with excessive urination. Your cat feels better, will eat better and maybe the kidney blood tests will be a bit lower.

This is something that would be prescribed by a veterinarian and they will teach owners to do this. Some people have a hard time doing this themselves and in that case, we will come to the home and do the administration.

Home check in visit - up to 30 minutes

Home check in visit – up to 30 minutes

$28 per visit

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your mail, packages and home is secure, and everything is working as it should while you are away. Home visits are great for households without pets. We will also water plants, check and adjust thermostats as directed, put garbage cans out by the curb for pickup, bring garbage cans back to the house after pickup and perform other in home tasks as directed.

Additional Fees

Additional Fees

Holiday Fee – $7 per visit
Additional Consultation Fee – $28

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